Some Issues with GNU arch

This memo collects some issues which could be considered design defects, hard-to-overcome implementation deficiencies in arch's current implementation (called tla), and general design directions. The memo is still work in progress and is, of course, entirely subjective.

Design Defects

Please note that while these issues are likely too fundamental to be fixed in GNU arch without breaking backwards compatibility, the general way arch is designed is quite fine and probably the best way among the advanced free version control systems which are close to production quality. Other systems (including plain Subversion) have not evolved so far that it is possible to judge how the basic features (e.g. inventory management) and advanced features (merge tracking) play along in practice.

Implementation Issues

The author of this memo thinks that these issues are not ordinary bugs. Workarounds may exist (faster machines and networks, cached revisions, non-traditional file systems, hard link farms, "simply don't do that, then"). However, these issues have not been addressed for quite some time now and, though still rather bothersome, some of them will probably remain forever. (Other issues, such as some hairy error messages and the lack of a file-specific revert command, are considered transitional problems.)


Some Ideas


Florian Weimer
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